Toddler Formula

Toddler Formula

Toddler Formula



Does my toddler need formula? Is a question I am frequently asked.

Be careful about toddler formula advertisements that promote it a important for brain development.

Children from twelve months of age do not require additional boosted cow’s milk formula. Two cups of ordinary milk a day are an adequate daily intake. This would offcourse include milk used on cereals etc.

They need to be having a well-balanced diet of proper foods i.e. Meat, vege’s, fruit, cheese and yoghurt, pasta, wholemeal bread and water.

Toddlers between one and two years have a decreased need for food as their growth for that period is much slower than for the first year of life. Their weight gain only averages between one and two kilograms for the whole year and sometimes it seems they “hardly eat enough to keep a small bird quiet’ as they mainly ‘graze’ at this age. So if your child is well and energetic there is no need to be worried.

Giving them toddler formula is like having a milk shake before your lunch, you lose your appetite. This is what happens to toddlers with formula and then parents worry because their child is not eating their meals.

Formula companies are not allowed to advertise formula under twelve months of age so that is why we see so many adds on TV promoting toddler formula for children twelve months and older. Unless your child has dairy allergies they only need normal cow’s milk in their diet. Proper food is much more important for your child’s nutrition and development at this age so toddler formula is quite unnecessary. It is also very expensive compared to normal milk. Giving toddler’s formula at bedtimes increases the risk of dental carries. Cleaning your toddler’s teeth and only having water before bed is an important part of a good bedtime routine. Formula can also be a precursor for diabetes in later life.


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