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Most parents are familiar with sleep loss, and know the effect it can have. Children become grumpy and unable to concentrate, while parents become short tempered and irrational.

When a child is sleeping well, the parents sleep well, and family life is calm and content. We all know that achieving this can be difficult.

Kids Konsultant is skilled at assisting with children’s sleep. With our straightforward sleep management programme, we help parents to establish beneficial, effective sleep management plans with your child. We advise parents on the importance of establishing good sleep patterns, the benefits of sleep before midnight and the significant effect a lack of sleep can have on social interaction, school, home life, personalities and bedwetting.

Kids Konsultant sleep management services are charged at $80 an hour. This fee is not Medicare refundable.

Kids Konsultant can assist parents to establish beneficial, effective sleep management plans with their child; teaching their infant and children how and when to sleep.

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