Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Bedwetting Therapy Perth

Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Is your family being affected by bedwetting? You’re not alone: bedwetting affects more than 10% of children and occurs in children from all walks of life.

Sometimes bedwetting is hereditary, sometimes it’s a result of anxiety, family breakdown, or traumatic events. Sometimes there’s no explanation.

Kids Konsultant specialises in bedwetting solutions. We’ve developed a bedwetting program with a 100% success rate ( *when complied with to completion ) . The program is designed to change the signal to the brain so that the child recognises the signal and wakes up to empty the bladder.

An eight- to ten-week program is offered with a three-month follow-up. An approved mat and alarm system is used to assist the child in programming the signal from the brain.

“It’s a simple, straightforward and affordable bedwetting program that has brought happiness to hundreds of Perth families.”


The Program

The Kids Konsultant bedwetting program is fully comprehensive, training the child to stop wetting but importantly looks at any underlying issues as needed. The program runs for eight to ten week and is offered with a three month follow-up. A key part of program is the use of an approved mat and alarm system that is used to assist the child by programming the signal from the brain prior to wetting.

The first part of the program is to wake the child when he/she is actually wetting, the alarm assists with this. The child is then taught to wake and go to the toilet without the alarm. Finally the child is programmed to sleep through the night – 12 to 14 hours (a child – young adult should be able to sleep all night without waking to empty the bladder).

The program is directed at children from 4 ½ years to adults.



Many children / teenagers that bed wet often have very poor self esteem, difficulty concentrating in school, unable to participate in school camps, sleepovers or have friends over to sleep – They are reluctant to speak about the problem as they fear teasing from their friends and relatives.

For a child who wets the bed every night the costs are high. Research done shows that the cost of soap powder, water, wear and tear on the linen, bedding and washing equipment, is approximately $1500 per year and that’s without including the price of patience and exasperation from the parent, frustration and stress experienced by the child.

The Kids Konsultant Bedwetting program is $520 as a standard fee and $425 for Health Care Card holders. This fee is not Medicare refundable.

This program is carried out by a private consultant with a high success rate of 100% when followed to completion. The fee includes the hire of the equipment, visits for the 8 to 10 weeks of the program and 3 months follow-up.


The consultations are on a one-to-one basis (with parents present) and are held in Midland on Saturdays and some Sunday mornings so the child doesn’t have to be taken out in school hours.

For further information about how Kids Konsultant can help your child with bedwetting contact Kids Konstultant.

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To Dear Ruth,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping Nicholas.

He has blossomed, with a lot more confidence. Even some of his school work has improved.

Kind regards, Janet.

Dear Ruth,

THANK YOU for helping Todd with his wet bed program.
What a wonderful achievement!

Best Regards Kylie

Dear Ruth,

I just wanted to drop by and leave this to say a HUGE thank you for helping Niamh stay dry ... She is going very well.

So THANK YOU again – you have no idea how much we appreciate it.

Maggie, Dave & Nimah

Dear Ruth,

Thanks so much for all the help. James is so pleased with himself and what he has achieved. We really appreciate all the time you put in.

Sara and Lindsay

To Ruth,

Thank you so much for helping me.

Hope you enjoy your chocolates.

Love Sam

Dear Ruth,

We are thrilled Tully is dry at night (especially Tully).

He really got a lot out of the phone calls and visits.

Thank you.

Kindest regards Kelly & Family ox

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for helping me stop wetting the bed.

Thanking you

Thanks!! Thanks!!

Love from Ben xxooxx

“It was so awesome of you and appreciated more than words can say”.

Thank you for all your help.

I am doing well!

From Emily

Dear Ruth thank you for teaching me!

You are one of the nicest ladies.

The mat makes a big difference.

Love Jasmin

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for helping me get dry.

From Taylor

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for teaching me how to be dry at night.

I will miss visiting you.

<3 Sadie

Dear Ruth,

A big thanks!

Love Docigh