Practical Parenting

Practical Parenting

Practical Parenting



Practical parenting is one of the most challenging jobs we will do that does not require a diploma or degree! It is a common sense approach to bringing up a happy family.

It is like an apprenticeship, we learn on the job and mostly we get it right but sometimes just need that little extra help and KidsKonsultants are there to help.




What we give is what is returned. It is important for our children know that we love them with, hugs, smiles, winks etc. can help with this.

Think about your own childhood, is this what you would like it to be for your child


Positive reinforcement about the smallest things will help a child to blossom. Negative enforcement can create lots of issues for the mental development of the child. If we tell our child they are stupid, a fool, a liar and or silly they will grow up believing they are. Telling them they smart clever and beautiful will have a far more positive effect.

Giving total attention and para phrasing back to the child will help the child to know they are important too.



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