No Pain Breast Feeding

No Pain Breast Feeding

No Pain Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is one of the best gifts a mother can give her baby and to herself.

For many mothers breast feeding does not come easily in spite of their best intentions to breast feed before the baby is born.

These days mother and baby are discharged from hospital often before a proper breast feeding routine is established and adequate support is provided and end up with traumatised nipples which causses a great deal of pain and frustration and before two weeks.

No Pain breast feeding is the norm not the exception.

Some mums have given up breast feeding because of this and then feel a sense of failure because they have been unable to breast feed.

With the right support they should not be in any pain or discomfort at all and only a draining sensation.

If the mother experiences pain during breast feeding she should seek early help so she can achieve what is best for her and baby.

This can be from a child health nurse, midwife, lactation consultant, Australian Breastfeeding Association or click on this link to go to my website at  for personal help.

I see many tearful mothers who are experiencing difficulties with attachment and milk supply and sometimes it only takes a simple adjustment to be able to latch the baby onto the breast and mum is able to breastfeed without any pain.

Seeking out an experienced Lactation Consultant can certainly help the mum to continue and enjoy breastfeeding her baby.

Breast milk is designed to provide optimal brain development and growth for your baby.

It is human milk designed for human babies, it increases your baby’s I.Q. and provides immunity from many infections and diseases.

It can help avoid diabetes, asthma, moderate eczema, obesity and chest infections to name a few and meets all your baby’s nutritional requirements until six months when solid food is introduced.

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