Breast Feeding Best Start for Baby

Breast Feeding Best Start for Baby

Breast Feeding Best Start for Baby

Breast Feeding is one of the best gifts you can give your baby.

Nature provides the perfect food for our baby in breast milk.

It does not require any added substances – It contains all the essential vitamins and  minerals that our baby needs as well as other nourishment for the baby to thrive and grow.

Breast milk protects our baby from nearly all of the infectious diseases except whooping cough for six months.

It promotes Brain development in the new baby and provides good bacteria for the bowel with the colostrum. It helps protect against infections, colds and SIDS.

It is free, sterile and correct temperature, you don’t need a cold bag to transport.

Breast milk provides many different flavours for the baby so their diet is always varied.

These breast fed babies are less likely to be fussy when solid foods are introduced at six months.

It creates a wonderful bond between mother and baby and this only what the mother can do to create a lifelong bond.

Breast feeding is a learned skill and for some mothers it can be difficult at the beginning and sometimes mothers need help to get started, to establish their supply and have a pain free attachment.

This can be attained with the help of the lactation consultant at KidsKonsultants.

For further information take a look at our Breast Feeding page.

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