Behavioural Issues in Children

Behavioural Issues in Children

Behavioural Issues in Children

Behavioural Issues can include some of the following situations


Small children throwing tantrums and other behavioural issues can be a challenge to parents. Sometimes parents feel embarrassed if it happens in public and it can develop into what seems a ‘no win situation’.

Young children under the age of three years of age are not able to regulate their feelings and nearly always need our help to calm down. Threatening or ignoring can actually make the situation escalate.


This can sometimes be a survival behaviour but not one we want to see in our children

This can be role modelling from older siblings or even their parents i.e. They say ’if I give him a smack he smacks me back’

Sometimes it Is an attention seeking behaviour if parents don’t always respond to their need for attention.

Children would rather have a negative response than none at all.

Disruptive Behaviour Issues

For parents this can be annoying if they are talking to someone else, for instance, on the telephone etc.

But there are strategies that can be put in place to alleviate this problem.

Learning to take turns at speaking. Making sure the child gets the opportunity to be heard and giving them your full attention when it is their turn. Explaining the rules and consequences and making sure the child hears and understands. This can make a huge difference and always needs to be at eye level and not across the room.

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