Kids Konsultant offer practical parenting solutions for Perth parents.

As parents, we understand that happy children equal happy parents, which equal happy families. For nearly half a century, Kids Konsultant has been helping Perth families find happiness and contentment using simple parenting solutions and easy-to-follow techniques.

Why have so many West Australian families turned to the Kids Konsultant for help with bedwetting, breastfeeding, behaviour and sleeping? Quite simply, Kids Konsultant’s Ruth Griffiths knows a lot about parenting. As a nurse, midwife, child health nurse, lactation consultant, behavioural expert, mother of four and grandmother of eight, Ruth has the skills, experience, compassion and understanding to help restore harmony to families in WA.

Kids Konsultant specialise in a range of child health areas

Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Our simple, straightforward and affordable bedwetting program has a 100% success rate* and has helped hundreds of Perth families.

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Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding

As a qualified and experienced lactation consultant, Kids Konsultant offers breastfeeding solutions for struggling Perth mothers.

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Practical Parenting

Practical Parenting

Our practical parenting program helps with so many behavioural issues, from anxiety and anger to fussy eating and sibling rivalry.

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Sleep Management

Sleep Management

We offer practical, sensible advice that will help your child to change their sleeping habits. With our help, your child will sleep through the...

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From the blog with Ruth Griffiths

In her many years as Kids Consultant, Ruth Griffiths has advised parents on many different issues, from breastfeeding to bedwetting, and everything in between. In her weekly blog, Ruth answers some of the common questions she’s been asked over the past 46 years, such as how you can tell whether your baby’s getting enough breastmilk, and when you should start getting your child into a sleeping routine.

If you have a question you’d like Ruth to address in her blog, then do let her know in the comments section, or head to her Facebook page. 

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You have helped us so much with everything.

It’s meant a lot to us the time you have made to see us when we have really needed help, reassurance and guidance.


You have truly been a gift to the W……. Family.

Dear Ruth,

Have a great Christmas.

Thank you for all your help with Jacob and myself. It really means a lot to us.   Xxx

Love from Jannette, Jason, Ethan and Jacob

To Dear Ruth,

It has been a while since we last saw you but I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping Nicholas. He has had a couple of wet nights but he has a lot of dry nights.

He has blossomed, with a lot more confidence. Even some of his school work has improved. I think it was the right time to tackle it as it s very important to him to stay dry and he is getting up during the night.

So again thank you for all your help.

Kind regards, Janet.

Dear Ruth,

THANK YOU for helping Todd with his wet bed program. What a wonderful achievement!

THANKS also for your support and encouragement with lots of other parenting issues – how nice it would be if you were my neighbour or aunty or ?

If we don’t see you beforehand we look forward to seeing you and John down at Seista.

Best regards, Kyle.

About Ruth Griffiths

From the age of three all I wanted to be was a nurse. From the acute side of nursing I moved into community nursing and although I loved the drama of hospital work, I have found a lot of satisfaction in helping families. This has come from seeing children gaining confidence and an increase in self-esteem from having dry beds etc.

Working as a lactation consultant I am able to help many mothers experience the joy of breastfeeding, not only giving their baby the best start but also creating a wonderful bond between mum and the baby.

As parents we are caretakers for such a short time and I see my role as helping parents to enjoy this with their children to create a happy environment. I take great satisfaction from being able to provide strategies and guidance to families who are struggling with sleep issues, meal times and behaviour issues so that children and parents enjoy each other more.

Being able to support parents is a most satisfying privilege and that’s why I do it.

More About Ruth

Ruth Griffiths